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ChartWare, Inc., an electronic medical records software company, commissioned us to accomplish 3 things:

  • Connect with their users (medical professionals)
  • Keep users informed on the latest software updates and patches
  • Deliver a platform by which users can access support tickets and submit bug and enhancement requests

To connect the users to ChartWare, BreakWater Syndicate developed a custom, user-friendly, web browser to add to their existing application. This new system allows users secure login access to their application with one click. By utilizing a passport based login solution, we helped give ChartWare and its users greater security; ensuring only those with valid licenses have access.

This custom browser also allows for more interactive and support via the newly added search feature, categories, and robust menus with integration into a ticket and bug tracker. We were happy to deliver on all 3 requests, and the client is more than pleased with the ending result.