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Pabst brewing wanted to create friendly competition between their field sales representatives, while also sparking creativity in the marketing of their Old Milwaukee brand. Their concept? Incentivize their sales force with a competition for prizes and bonuses based on sales numbers and creative product displays. But they didn't want to track the data in a boring old excel spreadsheet. So we built a custom application for them that let their sales people watch their animated beer glass get full and run-eth over as their sales numbers climbed! In addition, we added the ability for the sales people to submit photos of the weird and wild end-of-aisle displays they brewed up. The incentive program was a huge success and the sales people were engaged and excited by the game-like feel of the application. With some help from us, Pabst got to take their vision, mix in a little technology and some excitement, and turn an otherwise boring quarterly sales push into a fun game for their sales people to play!

But that's not all. Right after we finished that project, Pabst came to us with another problem. They had a website that they didn't want to take the time to constantly update, and they had a blog they they were updating from time to time anyway, so they wanted their blog content onto the front page of their website. They also wanted it all in a nice clean format that encourages people to check out the blog. But their internal team said it wasn't possible, the blog was Wordpress on Linux and the website was ASP.NET on Windows. But we accepted the challenge and took the RSS feeds from the blog to discover content as it happened, and with some creative parsing and processing we were able to pull blog content into their main site in real time. Aside from the geek factor of the technology, we were proud to be a part of helping Pabst get the job done and realize their vision of integrated technology working in harmony. We'll drink to that!