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Magento Ecommerce Website


A South Bay florist envisioned a clean, modern, and streamlined Ecommerce website to display and promote their gorgeous prom flower arrangements. They didn’t have corsages like these when we were in high school. The Magento based website includes a slick and clean user interface with a minimum of distractions and extraneous details. Rollover zoom allows shoppers to get a better…

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Facebook IPO Fuels Explosion of Startup Niche Social Media Networks


There are a lot of eyes on Menlo Park, Calif. this Spring. Social network giant Facebook will be offering a late Q2/early Q3 IPO that is reported to raise the valuation of the eight year old company to $100 billion dollars. Yes, that’s a “billion” with a “b”. In the six months leading up to the Facebook IPO, there has…

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WordPress 3.3


We use WordPress on our own site in addition to client sites because it’s free, open source, a powerful Content Management System, and built on PHP. We’re able to bend WordPress as needed for our clients, developing custom plugins, widgets, and themes, and it’s easy for users to keep their sites updated. The latest major iteration of WordPress adds drag-and-drop…

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CodeIgniter Website Maintenance


We were contracted to troubleshoot and maintain some ongoing issues for a CodeIgniter ecommerce community website, particularly a shopping cart problem. When it’s a retail site, shopping cart bugs would be a problem. When it’s a Top 10 NYC Startups to Watch as identified by Time, Today Show featured, ecommerce community listing site that’s been featured in InStyle magazine, it’s…

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Retail WordPress Multisite


An established online retailer of luxury bathroom hardware envisioned a system of four WordPress websites that they could post updates to that would repost across the others by category. Posts are written with search engine optimization in mind, and the multiple sites expand their reach. They’ve seen an increase in page views, increased time on their main site, and a…

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Property Listing WordPress Website


WordPress was implemented in the website for a property management company that offers rentals and properties for sale. The site required some custom plugins and modifications to allow scalable structure, user search, and easy management of multiple listings as they became available and unavailable.

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Google Plus for Business in Development


Update: Google + for businesses and entities launched shorty after this post was written. BreakWater Syndicate on G+ Google Plus for business to launch later in 2011? Google is indicating the the forthcoming Google Plus pages for business will be able to integrate Google Analytics and Google Adwords. They’ve accepted some beta testers for entities, but have apparently closed submissions.…

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CodeIgniter Directory Website


All back end development for was done in HTML, CSS, PHP, and CodeIgniter to create a listing directory for nuclear industry suppliers. Users are able to sign up to list their company and offerings, edit listings, forget passwords, and reset passwords.

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Custom WordPress Medical Website

zeronamasthead was custom designed and built on top of WordPress. Each page is individually programmed for a cohesive look, with focus on the images and message targeted at their upscale clientele. Both the In the Media and the See the Results pages are easily updated by posting new content and tagged to assign them to either page.

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Notes on Decentralized Authentication


Erik Lanigan on Tech Talk Back this past week the subject of centralized authentication came up. In the past couple of weeks Robert Scoble retweeted an interesting idea in this space. That being to use the topography of the Internet itself to handle authentication. The topography/topology idea got me thinking. One possible way to do this would be for there…

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