About Us

We're a little different

When my boss decided to outsource our product development I have to admit I had my doubts. But your team has come through time and time again, I don’t think I could go back to an internal team now, I am too used to everything being done right the first time. Keep up the good work! -Tom Carver

We work on web development, desktop development, mobile applications, and enterprise solutions, a trusted provider of top-notch, industry setting standards. We have a record of delivering where others failed.

We’ve been able to work with a variety of companies on some fun and challenging projects, including a few we can’t tell you about. Because sometimes development agencies hire us to come in to work on their client projects, or designers task us to build out an application in a white label capacity, or an internal development team can’t quite finish the job, and we come in under cover of darkness and save the day. Or, at least, we don’t tell anyone about it.

Have an idea? Need help on a project? Contact us. We look forward to hearing your ideas

BreakWater Syndicate sounds like some sort of bad guy organization from a movie, but all syndicate really means is “self-organized.” And that’s what we are: a company— in the legal sense of the word, no bad guys involved— of self-organized contributors.

We’ve found that the best, most capable professionals don’t need to live down the street. Or even in the same state. We’re all US based professionals who know how to work— and work well— remotely, having the freedom to work and move as we please.

Our contractors work for us because they want to work for us. And for each project, we organize a complete, functional team unit appropriate to the task you’ve given us. We’re flexible, and we make sure that flexibility works for you, too.

Our model may seem a bit odd at first, but we view ourselves as colleagues working together in an environment of trust, respect, and openness. We’ve found it works remarkably well for us, and our clients agree.

Cath from Breakwater was a pleasure to deal with. The work done by her was extremely efficient and professional. Communication was open and easy and she is very knowledgeable. I look forward to working with her again in the future -Aliza