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Facebook IPO Fuels Explosion of Startup Niche Social Media Networks


There are a lot of eyes on Menlo Park, Calif. this Spring. Social network giant Facebook will be offering a late Q2/early Q3 IPO that is reported to raise the valuation of the eight year old company to $100 billion dollars. Yes, that’s a “billion” with a “b”. In the six months leading up to the Facebook IPO, there has been an explosion of smaller startups trying to get a piece of the social networking pie. “It has been interesting” says Blake Tullysmith, co-founder of BreakwaterSyndicate,LLC,anindependentwebdevelopmentfirminSantaRosaCalif. “We have provided development services to three niche social network projects in the last 3 months and we are starting to build a fourth that is actually on a delivery schedule to try to launch in the same news cycle as the Facebook IPO.”

These niche social networks focus on specific aspects of human interaction, especially people with similar interests, and giving specific, existing groups ownership of their own data or a percentage of the social network. “These are not clones of Facebook [and] our clients are all motivated entrepreneurs with clear, innovative ideas of what they want to create.” Tullysmith said “The people we work with recognize the gold rush into social networking and they have come to stake their claim.”

And a very large claim it may be. Last June, Google, the Mountain View, Calif. company whose name has become synonymous with on-line search, launched Google+, their own social network which has skyrocketed to a 100 million user community. But with large players in the social networking space, is there enough room left for small startups? Tullysmith notes “In 2003, Facebook was not even a startup, it was a few sharp college students with an idea and programming experience. Then it killed MySpace. My typical clients are well funded, well motivated entrepreneurs who know what they want to build and then come to us to build it. Social networks even at the niche level are very big business.”

Breakwater Syndicate, LLC is a boutique web development firm based in Santa Rosa California. The new world company is of a group of top level web developers and designers. Focused on a near zero carbon footprint, the company has no offices and no employees, and all workers are contractors who get to pick and choose the projects they’re passionate about and want to work on. This allows the company to be profitable while delivering the highest quality of work and staying competitive in a global economy.

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  • posted at 8:53 pm
  • April 13, 2012

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